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Vesuvius GMbH
   The company is a branch of a big science company Cookson Group. Vesuvius is a world leader in the design, engineering, manufacture and delivery of refractory products, systems and services for high-technology industrial applications:
  • Refractories and systems used to control, regulate and protect the flow of steel in the continuous casting process:
o          Alumina graphite isostatically-pressed tubes, nozzles and stoppers,
o          Slide-gate and tube-changer systems and plates,
o          Gas-purging plugs and temperature control devices.
  • Refractories for the foundry industry, such as crucibles, filters, stoppers and dedicated linings.
  • Fused-silica refractories for flat glass manufacture and the melting of polycrystalline silicon.
  • Refractory linings for high-temperature, heavy-duty industrial applications.
   Vesuvius is present in 30 countries on 5 continents, with 50 manufacturing units, 7 R&D centers and numerous sales agencies, together employing over 8,000 people.
Working in the fields of industrial furnace engineering and fireproof technology the Company offers all goods and services for the following plants:
·         Aluminium Holding & Melting Furnaces
·         Converter-&Mixer Plants
·         Cement Plants
·         Gold & Silver Furnaces
·         Induction Furnaces
·         Glass Trough Construction
·         Battery & Coke Furnaces
·         Steel & Foundry Plants
·         Petrochemical Plants
·         Boiler & Cement Plants
   It’s a dynamically growing and worldwide operating company that has gained a comprehensive wealth of experience extending over several years.
The company provides its customers a wide range of services - from planning and project consultancy, relining, repair, maintenance and performance optimization of your industrial furnace plants up to new concept development and conversion of old industrial furnaces.
CMSD (Belgium) is a distribution company of the materials produced by TRB Refactories (France). Both companies belong to Group CB, the enterprise that was built and developed over four generations from exploitation of minerals through industrial processing and partner services. The company is working in the following spheres:
·         Construction and public works
·         Industry (metallurgy, foundry, chemistry)
·         Agriculture
·         Building material trading.
Since 1948, the company has been specializing in the field of refractory products for the cast, steel and foundry industries.
Dunvegan Ltd.
The company is representing Jiaocheng Yiwang Ferroalloy Co. Jiaocheng Yiwang Ferroalloy Co is a private share holding company, located in Jiaocheng county 50 km south west to Taiyuan, Shanxi province, founded in 1988. Up to now, it produces manganese, chrome and silicon products, and is specialized in manganese series.
Summit CRM
The company is representing the Sumitomo Corporation. Sumitomo Corporation leads domestic and international trade of carbon-related materials, refractories and materials, equipments for steel manufacturing.
   This corporate spirit has been developed, deepened, and handed down over generations in the Sumitomo Family enterprise, and its essence was distilled in the Sumitomo's Family Constitution established in 1882.
Staverma GMbH
   STAVERMA has specialized in the development and production of a wide range of products for use in Continuous Casting installations worldwide.
   Ever since the introduction of Continuous Casting to the steel industry, STAVERMA products have been used for all the related applications. They have been specially designed to withstand the highest thermo-chemical and thermo-mechanical loads placed on them during use and are also customized to suit the unique variable demands of each Plant.
   STAVERMA offers high performance refractory ceramics that distinguish themselves by their exceptional quality and performance and in so doing, meet the ever increasing demands of the steel industry.
   Based on the reliability of the product range, the steel industry has been placed in a position to cast the highest quality steels at competitive refractory costs.
   Products range provides:
• Pouring steam protection tubes
• Interchangeable nozzles
• Monobloc stoppers
• Stopper heads
• Sub-entry nozzles
• Nozzles
• Interchangeable sub-entry nozzles (submerged nozzles)
• Special formats for thin slab casting lines (TSC)
• Special formats for thin strip casting plants (near net shaped strip casting plants)
• Special design on request
Dalmond refractory materials Ltd.
(United Kingdom)
 Dalmond refractory materials controls the followings manufactures:
- YingKou Dalmond Refractories Co. (China) specializes in production of bricks made of sintered magnesite, bauxite-magnesite with additives of the graphite, used for ladle lining, electric furnaces, converters and etc.
- Wuxi Nanfang Dalmond Refractories Co. (China), manufacturer of isostatic materials for tundish.
- Dalmond Feurfest Siegburg GmbH (Germany), manufacturer of shaped and unshaped refractory materials and concrete.
- Magnezit Into cast - Satka (Russia) - masses and refractory concrete are produced.
   The traditional markets have been opened to the global producers of refractories for more than 15 years now. Never the less, the company manages to compete successfully with the global competitors of refractories and keep dominant position on the market.
  The Company is proud to offer a full assortment of refractory materials on various price levels for steel, cement, nonferrous metals and glass manufacture from both, our factory and partner enterprises. The location of the enterprises, near raw material deposits in regions with cheap labor and energy carriers, allow us to offer high quality products at incredibly competitive prices.
Metallurgica GMbH.
In 1957, the company later to become known as Metallurgica, developed and produced the first mould powders.
   This successful start with mould powders for bottom-pouring and later for continuous casting led to the foundation of Metallurgica in 1965. Demands from the steel industry with regard to automated application and optimized homogeneity initiated the first production of dust-free spray-dried granulated mould powders in 1976.
   Today, with its 220 staff, Metallurgica operates 4 spray-dryers, 2 fine powder mixing plants and a cored wire plant. From the base at Mülheim-Heißen, company supplies products to over 350 customers in 45 countries. To fulfill the high quality demands of the steel industry, Metallurgica obtained the certification according to DIN EN ISO 9001 already in 1991.
   Metallurgica is one of the leading manufacturers world-wide for continuous casting and bottom pouring powders. In addition to mould powders, the company also produces cored wire for secondary metallurgy.
 Foseco has been associated with the Steel Manufacturing Industry for nearly 70 years, and today is an acknowledged leader in its field, with operations in over 30 countries.
The company was founded in 1932 and quickly became established as a supplier to the Foundry Industry, from whence the name FOundry SErvice COmpany was derived.
   Foseco Steel is now part of the Cookson Group, and firmly established as a leading supplier of specialist refractories and metallurgical chemicals for the production of all kinds of high quality steel.   Foseco Steel is a customer oriented business focused on the continuous development of services and consumable products that contribute to the international steelmaker's need for increasing efficiency and quality.
BIO Silika Vertriebs GMbH.
BIO Silika Vertriebs is specialized in the development and realization of such a product as Rice Husk ash Biosil (Biogenic Silicon) for use in the steel plants.
   The company offers its worldwide customers the high quality products from Thailand. The activity of BIO Silika Vertriebs wide spreads to the markets of the European countries, the CIS and Russia.
UNIFRAX s.r.o.
(Czech Republic)
Unifrax Corporation is a leading producer of high temperature insulation products for a wide variety of industrial applications. Unifrax offers its worldwide customers the high quality products, service and support that have been the Unifrax standard for more than 60 years.
   Unifrax high temperature insulation products provide a broad offering of high quality products in more than 50 product forms known for high performance in the markets we serve.
   Unifrax Corporation is a leading producer of high temperature fiber products for a wide variety of industrial applications.
   Fiberfrax®, Isofrax® and Insulfrax® products, and other high performance insulation products provide innovative heat management solutions and exceptional value to our customers in a wide range of markets such as: ferrous and non-ferrous metals, industrial chemicals, petroleum products, power generation, ceramic, glass, automotive, fire protection, aerospace, domestic appliances and other industries.
RHI is the leading refractory company serving the customers on a global basis.
RHI - Competence For The Cement Industry
   Ever since refractory bricks were used in rotary kilns in the cement industry, the brands of Veitscher, Radex and Didier have contributed significantly to guarantee optimum lining quality and secure production. These brands gained a worldwide reputation and became synonymous with top quality.
RHI roots reach back more than 150 years, when Didier was founded in 1824. Since then, numerous pioneering inventions had been achieved by the independent companies, until a series of mergers paved the way for the formation of RHI business unit Cement and Lime.
RHI - Competence For The Steel Industry
   The company is the world's leading supplier of high-grade ceramic refractory products and services. The RHI brand comprises a large number of successful brands established in the market, which combine tradition with innovative technology and highest quality standards.
   As the global market and technology leader, RHI has an optimized worldwide network of production, sales and services. The products and production methods of RHI meet all essential internationally recognized quality and environmental standards worldwide.
ELEFANTOM International Inc.
The company ELEFANTOM International Inc. is our principal Customer. The Company is engaged in import to Russian Federation. It is registered in off-shore area (that is normally practiced in international tax planning). As far as we are aware the company has been working on the market for about 4 years already. We are quite satisfied with our cooperation with ELEFANTOM Int. that doesn’t give rise to any further inquiries.
IAMGOLD Corporation
IAMGOLD is a leading mid-tier gold mining company

producing almost one million ounces annually from 8 mines on 3 continents. IAMGOLD is focused on growth with a target to reach 1.8 million ounces gold production by 2012. IAMGOLD is uniquely positioned with a strong financial base, together with the management and operations expertise to execute our aggressive growth objectives. IAMGOLD is focused in West Africa, the Guiana Shield of South America and Québec where it has a pipeline of development and exploration projects, while it continues to assess accretive acquisition opportunities with a strategic fit.
Companhia Brasileira de Metalurgia e Mineração (CBMM)
Companhia Brasileira de Metalurgia e Mineração (CBMM) is part of the Moreira Salles Group and is involved in the extraction, processing, manufacturing and marketing of niobium-based products.

A profit sharing agreement between state-owned CODEMIG and CBMM ensures the rational exploitation of the niobium deposit located near the city of Araxá, Minas Gerais, Brazil. The contract concedes 25% of CBMM's net operational profits to the state of Minas Gerais.

CBMM is the only niobium producer present in all market segments. With subsidiary companies in Europe CBMM Europe BV (Amsterdam), Asia CBMM Asia Pte Ltd. (Singapore) and in North America Reference Metals Company Inc. (Pittsburgh), CBMM dedicates special attention to its customers, wherever they may be around the globe.